Product Description
1. Load 5 ton to 12 ton of feed (also availability as per customer's requirement specific & cap. )
2.Discharge to 7 meter silo
3.Widely used in poultry farm and feed mill.
4. Divide into 2-3 compartments

1. The bulk feed tank consist of parallel screw conveyor, vertical screw conveyor, lift screw conveyor, electrical control and the feed tank, not include the truck chassis and other chassis.
2. It can be directly installed on chassis of general truck and Tractor operated chassis, adopt three phase 440 volt power to work.
3. According to different requirements, the tank can de divided into 2 to 4 compartments to transport and discharge different kinds of feed.
4. It provides simple structure, stable performance and easy maintenance.

Advantages of the bulk feed tank delivery:

» Save the package expenses and labour cost, successfully reduce cost of the company.
» Easy to supply the feed at certain time and certain place, convenient to manage.
» Prevent feed cross infection, assure feed quality.
» Transport the feed in sealed tank, prevent it being polluted by external environment, and reduce the wastage of feed.

Note : We take design & Capacity of machinery change specification without any notice
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